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ProStockPile to Maximize Profitability

Effectively track your stock, know which things sell quick, which things expire soon. Capitalize on right stock and earn better benefit with the Best Stock Management System

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time stock information and reports on your dashboard help you to improve, quicker decisions and access data from anyplace.These data perceptions offer a blend of historic information and real-time data that is valuable for distinguishing emerging patterns and checking proficiency.

Centralized Stock

The stock levels and stock-outs are critical to track your sales, stock and revenue and predict new plan for the markets. ProStockPile Centralized Stock Management System of Prodigy Technosys refreshes all the stock from on the web, offline and warehouse in real time. Any stock out is trackedinstantaneously and all the while stock is updated.Automatic stock synchronization guarantees precise stock visibility and improves the sales and controls request cancellations.

Supplier Management

To guarantee a profitable and productive working relationship, select suppliers who offer a quality assistance and meet your particular needs.

ProStockPile helps you in building great connections with your key suppliers. On the off chance that you can save money or improve the quality of the goods or services you purchase from your suppliers, your business stands to expansion.Goodsuppliers are hard to come by, so ProStockPile assists with supporting your relationships with the suppliers you would prefer not to lose.

Supply Chain Visibility

It is considerable for businesses to impose and seek out new strategies regarding supply chain to sustain within the current economical and unpredictable business environment which is precarious.

ProStockPile offers an effective tool for comprehensive perceive ability and control of your supply chain. Better stock tracking and control through automatically updated stock levels at whatever sales and purchases are made.

Stock Rotation

It's completely indispensable that you follow stock turnover since it's something your business should consistently screen, the same amount of as you screen your stock every day.

Loss of newness in the stock, old stock, damage, holding the expense of dead or unmoving stock are a portion of the difficulties most organizations faces.

ProStockPile addresses such challenges and permits characterizing of measures and needs to guarantee standard stock rotation. You gain adaptability and power, both, with ProStockPile to deal with your stock. You can choosesystem started Auto-Inventory Sync or Manual stock modifications.

Manage Customer

Customer satisfaction is crucial for each business. Businesses are continually looking for better approaches to improve client services, guided by the information that happy clients are characteristically a loyal, long term stream of revenue.

ProStockPile assists with conveying to its clients what they need, when they need it and by means of which platform they decide to buy from. Customer contentment and positive customer experiences are to a great extent reliant on effective stock control software.


Our Stock Management System comes with extensive productivity boosting reports. You can export reports as a PDF or CSV file. ProStockPile Stock reports tell you which products are the most popular and profitable. You might look at the gap in between purchases.