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One Place Storage for your Important Documents

Make everybody more creative by cataloguing, sorting out, and turning pieces of data strewn across a huge number of records into one dynamic, brought together and available wellspring of truth.

ProKagjat is the document management system (DMS) that gives a dependable and secure approach to create, modify, store, find, and team up on documents anywhere and anyplace by means of any gadget, so you can focus in on customers and results.

Protect your Document

End the dissatisfaction of losing time finding a misfiled report. ProKagjat by Prodigy Technosys is a unifiedsolution for all of your documents, making it easy to find any document on account of its smartorganization and instinctive interface. Your documents at your hands.

Search and Retrieve any Information

Smooth out and rearrange the cycle of securely creating, altering, saving, and forming the entirety of the reports that power your teams and office.

In ProKagjat you can simply create, view, alter, and share documents on any desktop, laptop or cell phone without worrying that your information is in jeopardy.

Rethink Your Workday

Take on accountability for monotonous and dull manual processes with incredible, yet simple workflow automation.The framework soothes out these everyday tasks, you'll upsurge proficiency, Productivity and efficiency to save time.

Incorporate with Software You Already Know and Love

You efficiently live in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel every single day. Utilizing ProKagjat ought to be similarly as straightforward, consistent, and schedule. This is the reason ProKagjat meets you where you work by incorporating with key Microsoft and Adobe applications you as of now access and live in every day.

Track Document

Seniors can see when a record was last retrieved and what change was made. You can promptly observe what has (or hasn't) take place inside your processes to recognize regular bottlenecks.

Work form Anywhere

Access to all of your stored documents whenever andwherever you are from any gadget.Unrivaled availability implies your documentgoes where you go. Regardless of whether it's down the locality or over the globe your documents are only a couple of taps or swipes away.

Connect without Compromise

Security and expediency are frequently at chances with one another. We don't accept as true in giving up one to have the other. User Friendly features are supported by profoundly highly-customizable protections. You set your own degree of security for the framework. The main individuals who can get to your information are the ones you need to.

Search Efficiently

ProKagjat houses an amazing search engine that empowers clients to rapidly reference or retrieve content as required. Time before spent attempting to find pertinent substance would now be able to be used for idealizing the general customer experience.